Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What Music Does This Blog Cover?

This blog covers all the music I listen to. Electronic/dance music, in other words. This is because I'm narrow-minded and lack the intelligence to understand lyrics. Or because even with this self-imposed generic limitation there's still far more music out there than I'll ever be able to listen to.

Obviously "electronic music" is an incredibly vast umbrella of sound, and there are certain things I like more than others. And because I'm going to trash at least some of the music you like, it's important straight away we establish what my musical biases are, so you can safely dismiss my contrary opinion without worrying too much about the implications. So here are some facts about my tastes:

1. I like futuristic-sounding music, not retro-sounding music. If an act has a name like "Future Engineers" or"Blue Planet Corporation" I'm likely to be all over that shit.

2. I prefer music that is atmospheric, spacey and "deep", not music that is poppy, bouncy, filthy or dirty.

3. Wordless chanting, whale song and ethnic flutes are all Good Things.

4. I like trance.

Now you've established that my tastes are terrible and we have nothing in common, read on.


  1. Hey Jack, hope u ar well, haven't heard from u from sometime...
    I think my music can be as u like, can I send it to u?