Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review: Egyptrixx - Bible Eyes

Egyptrixx Bible Eyes
A little while ago, I was lurking a dubstep forum when I happened across an "Albums Of The Year" thread. A couple of guys on there were moaning that there hadn't really been many great albums from 2011, and someone else dismissed this notion and posted a big list of albums. Thus far, everything I've heard from that list has been irritating and gimmicky.

One of the albums on the list was Egyptrixx - Bible Eyes. And guess what? This album annoys the hell out of me. It follows a pretty basic formula, alternating between tracks of pseudo-melodic post-step awash with detuned synths, and longer tracks of 4/4 house defined by incredibly annoying tuneless "hooks" that loop out forever. He is one of those producers that has managed to somehow induct himself in the blogosphere hype circle, so this album duly got reviews from all the major outlets, most of them dutifully replying with middling-to-good verdicts before mostly forgetting about this album before the end of the year. This is basically an album of straight-up club tracks that loop and add and subtract in very standard and wholly uninteresting ways, except that the constituant parts are designed in a slightly unusual manner.

I really can't be bothered to spend too long thinking about this album. I don't like it, I don't think it's very interesting and I have little that is witty or insightful to add. Thinking of interesting ways to describe such dull music is what burned me out on being a music journalist in the first place, and now I'm not even in their fucking army anymore, I'm off to listen to something more interesting. Now get off my porch.

Genre: House/post-step
Stupid Arbitrary Rating: 5/10

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